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I will be making this page as an officials Q AND A thread for standard pits
pls fill free to text me or other officers for questions and carifications.. PeACE! 😉


[size=150]UKC STANDARDS HOPE THIS HELPS GUYS !! Very Happy [/size]

Head: medium length. bricklike in shape. Skull and widest at the ear, with prominent cheeks free from wrinkles

Muzzle: square, wide and deep. well pronounced jaws,displaying strength. Upper teeth should meet tightly
over lower,outside in front

Ears: Cropped or un cropped-not important!
Should be set high on head free of wrinkles

Eyes: Round. should be set far apart lowdown on the skull.Any colour acceptable except blue or pink or by eyed.

Nose:Wide-open ostrils.Any color acceptable.

Neck: Muscular.Slightly arched.Taperig from shoulder to head.Free from loose ski.

Shoulder: Strong and musclar,with wide sloping shoulders blades. males should be at 18 to 19inch 45cm and a half to 48cm) while females are 17 to 18 inch(43 to 46cm)

Back: Short and strong.Slightly sloping from withers to rump.Slightly arched at loins.should be slightly tucked

Chest: deep but not to broad,with wide sprung ribs

Ribs:close. well sprung, deep back ribs

Tail: short in comparison to size set low and tapering to a fine point. Not carried over back. Bobbed tail not acceptable

Legs: Large, round boned, with straight, upright pasterns, reasonably strong. Gait should be light and springy. No rolling or pacing

Thigh: Long with muscles developed hocks down and straight

Coat: glossy short and stiff to the touch

Color: any color or marking are permissible

Weight: not important
Female: 30 to 50 pounds<prefered>
male: 35 to 60 pounds<prefered>


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