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Hi guys am making a thread for standards of bullies so that some of our new members and former members may also know our standards please fill free to add some questions
this is the official standards given to me by ABKC IN U.S Very Happy Very Happy ENJOY HOPE THIS HELPS!! Very Happy Very Happy 😉

[size=150]ABKC standard of the AMERICAN BULLY

General Impression:
The American Bully should give the impression of great strength for its size. Compact to medium?large size dog with a muscular body and blocky head. Powerful in its movement and should display effortless movement at the same time. Keenly alive and alert to its surroundings. The American Bully should have the appearance of heavy bone structure with a bully build and look.

Medium length, deep though, broad skull, very pronounced cheeck muscles, distinct stop, and high set ears.

Natural or cropped.

All colors except albinism. Eye shape would be round to oval, low down in skull and set far apart.
Short 2 medium rounded on upper slightly squared to fall away abruptly below eyes. Jaws well defined. Under jaw to be strong and have bitting power. Lips semi close to even, some looseness accepted ( more so with the XL), but not prefered. Upper teeth to meet tightly outside lower teeth in front or scissor bite accepted.

All colors accepted

Heavy, Slightly arched, tapering from shoulders to back of skull. (Some looseness of skin accepted with XL size). Compact to medium size should have minimal or no loose skin.

Strong and muscular with blades wide

Fairly short to medium back. Slight sloping from withers to rump or straight accepted with gentle short slope at rump or base of tail. (Slightly higher rears accepted in Xl size), but not desired in the compact to medium size

Well-Sprung ribs, deep in rear and all ribs close together. Forelegs set rather wide apart to permit chest development. Chest should be deep and broad.

Short to medium in comparison to size, low set, tapering to a fine point. (Curled, docked and or twisted tails are disqualified in the show ring and are considered a serious fault) Kinks and Knots are also faults are accepted, but not preferred in the show ring.

Front Legs - straight front legs, large or round bones, pastern upright are preferred. A slight turning outwards of the feet are accepted as long as the feet don't measure a 45 degree
angle. (No resemblance of bend in front feet) Feet-should be of moderate size, well arched and compact. Hindquarters- well muscled, let down at hocks, turning in nor out (slight turns accepted in XL) Gait should be effortless and powerful. The action must, however, be unrestrained, free and vigorous with powerful drive of the rear. Some paddlind and lumbar excepted in XL, but not preferred in compact to medium size.

Short, close, stiff to the touch and glossy

All colors and patterns are permissible except the color merle

Height and weight should be in proportion. Compact size ("POCKET BULLY") height should be 17' and under. Medium size (STANDARD AMERICAN BULLY") should measure 17'-20'. The XL bully sixe("XXL BULLY") should measure 20'-24'. Measurements must be measured at withers NOT at the shoulders. There is no particular weight for the breed. Dog should be healthy and should not reach the point where considered obese)

Faults to be penalized are - kinked, twisted or knoted tails, pink eyes any form of albinism, tail to long or curled, undershot or overshot mouths, severe turned fronts and aggressive behavior towards animals and humans..There is no particular weight for the breed. Dog should healthy and should not reach the point where it is considered obese.[/size]

Some bullies here in PHILIPPINES!


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